Duralloy Screws, Inc. is located in Florida’s Space Coast and is dedicated to the manufacturing and rebuilding of feed screws and barrels for the plastic, rubber and food processing industries. We excel at all aspects of manufacturing, rebuilding, repairing and designing screws. This capability allows for improved productivity, retrofitting equipment and reverse engineering components thought to be unavailable. D.S.I. works closely with it’s customers to ensure that the project gets done correctly and on time. Our company is a modern machine shop facility, fully equipped to provide a high quality product and outstanding service. Our personnel, with over 35 years of experience, are ready to assist when the need arises.

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Who We Are

Located in Florida’s Space Coast, Duralloy Screws, Inc. specializes in the manufacturing and rebuilding of feed screws and barrels for the plastic, rubber and food industry. Founded by Manuel “Manny" Ruiz and after thirty eight years of manufacturing and refurbishing for similar reputable companies, D.S.I. is now opening the plant for all end users. Our highly experienced personnel and state-of-art equipment gives D.S.I. the capability of fulfilling any request. We are led by a hand selected group of employees that possess vast expertise, some even second generation. This valued group of employees makes our company’s resources one of the best in the country, as well as the first choice for all your manufacturing and refurbishing needs.




  • We are one of the few companies that you can talk to when you need help and not feel like you are listening to a sales pitch. If you are working on your own design and need some advice or just want to brain storm, we are here to help.
  • We offer technical assistance, troubleshooting, proven screw designs and the ability to solve your production problems. D.S.I. has its own designs for most resin processes that will improve your productivity up to 25 to 30%.
  • We also do in plant inspections to determine dimensional wear on components or if you need a replacement and do not have blueprints or time to send it to us, we can reverse engineering in-house with minimal down time so we can make your spare parts without ever having more than a few hours of down time.
  • If you are like most companies, down time must be kept to a minimum. For that reason we offer services like in-house inspections and expedited rebuilding and manufacturing services. Though D.S.I. was established to manufacture feed screws and cylinders, we have expanded our services and equipment to be a one stop shop for all your needs.
  • We have been manufacturing and refurbishing equipment for the food Industry since 2001. We have worked on DEMACO, Buhler, and many other O.E.M.s. Some of our Food Industry clients include Campbell Soup Supply, Nestle and General Mills just to name a few. We are very experienced in the hygiene and sanitary standards expected by the USDA and FDA and we work diligently to meet or exceed those standards.


  • We manufacture screws, and components from the highest quality 4140 HT, 4340 HT, tool steels, Inconel, Hastelloy, Duranickel and most Stainless Steels to your specifications. Using wear protection material that we have developed with the best alloy companies in the U.S., we introduce DURALLOY 560, DURALLOY 880 and for extreme conditions the DURALLOY TC100. The DURALLOY 560 is a nickel based alloy with hardness from 53 to 58Rc. The DURALLOY 88 is also a nickel based alloy with a special blend of Chromium and Tungsten with hardness from 59 to 64Rc. But if you are running glass filled materials, high amounts of calcium carbonate or any other crushed mineral, we offer the DURALLOY TC100, a nickel blend with high tungsten content suitable for extreme wear with hardness from 58 to 63Rc. If you are using abrasive fillers or a highly corrosive material we also offer forms of root protection, industrial chrome, nitriding, nickel plating and different compositions of alloy spray coating.
  • Besides manufacturing feed screws to your specification or with one of our proven designs we also do amazing things with screws that need to be refurbished. D.S.I. can rebuild and modify virtually any kind of feed screw, conical and parallel twins and bring it back to the original operating specifications using the alloy that applies to your process.
  • In some cases, If you buy a used screw that was designed for a specific material or process, there is a good chance we can modify the profile and also add/eliminate mixers where applicable.


Barrels/Cylinders can be resleeved with your choice of materials, depending your process. We can refurbish anything from Extrusion, Injection barrels for plastics and rubber and one of our specialties are refurbishing cylinders for the Food Industry complete with linear internal grooves. We have great relationships with the largest metal distribution centers in the country that supply the highest quality materials in the market. Allowing you to have the option that is right for you to resleeve with alloy steel, Nitrited steel, Stainless Steel and when abrasion or corrosion resistance is a concern we also offer different grades of nickel-based bi-metallic liners. We have also refurbished barrels and feed housings by removing the water jacket, removing the clogs, welding on the new jacket.

What's New

Duralloy Screws, Inc. Expanding In 2011

Duralloy Screws, Inc. is expanding! At the end of Spring 2011 we are moving into our new 17,000 sq. ft facility. Now we will be able to expand our services and add to our current capacity. We have had many clients ask if we could fabricate, manufacture, repair equipment and machines and due to our location it was impossible, but now in the larger facility we can now offer these services and much more.

Duralloy Screws Celebrating 10 Years

This year Duralloy Screws, Inc. is having its 10th anniversary. We thank all our customers for your help in achieving this goal.

  • Technical Assistance
  • Proven Designs
  • Improved Productivity
  • Plant Inspections
  • Expedited Services
  • USDA & FDA Compliant


We understand that sometimes you just have a quick question and you would like a quick, no hassle answer. In the space provided below, briefly describe your needs or problems. If you need a quote please tell us if it is for rebuilding or manufacturing, also tell us a little about your process. If you are looking for a part or need us to reverse engineer it, do not hesitate to provide as much important information as you can. Dimensions, make, base material, geometry, condition, etc., is very helpful.

Unlike most companies, Duralloy Screws, Inc. is here to listen.

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